Sunday, May 11, 2014

MBF Episode 46 - "Debo Was Right"

Danny Richardson & Big Debo come together to talk about Debo's bad day, Danny forgetting to hit record, Debo going for the three-peat in fact checks, Danny continuing to defend his opinion on Outkast, how Americans view people from the middle east, how could anyone have ever been threatened by a box cutter, how they celebrate Mother's Day, Donald Sterling gets his day in Debo's Racist Court, and so much more! Follow us on Twitter @BlackFriendShow #MBF

MBF – Episode #46 - "Debo Was Right".(mp3)


  1. I'm sort of a new listener catching up on the older shows right from the beginning since around the start of the year, just wanted to say I particularly enjoyed this episode, the addition your guest worked really well, keep up the excellent work guys...Ivor

  2. Thanks Ivor! You can find everything at the website,!