Monday, August 25, 2014

MBF Episode 61 - Ferguson

Danny Richardson & Big Debo get together to talk about the events in Ferguson Missouri, fantasy football, Debo's drinking, a Fox News correspondent talks trash to the wrong people, Danny's bottle of Nuvo, black people hate Don Lemon, if wine is a bitch drink, Debo has a home phone, fact checker on fact checker crime, how black people have to play the game, and twerkin baby vs angry baby! Join us for all this and so much more!

MBF – Episode #61 - Ferguson.(mp3)

Monday, August 18, 2014

MBF Episode 60 - Sports II

Danny Richardson & Big Debo are joined by Branden Carr for a discussion about sports and what is required to be a true fan. Together they discuss the rules of picking your favorite team, how long before you can be a true fan, what makes someone a superfan, wearing jerseys in public, and taking a glove to a baseball game! Plus farmers markets, pizza toppings, scary rappers, and the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time! Join us for all this and so much more!

MBF – Episode #60 - Sports II.(mp3)

Monday, August 11, 2014

MBF Episode 59 - Banana Festival

Danny Richardson & Big Debo come together to talk about the banana festival,  Danny being low on Debo's priority list, the banana as an underutilized fruit, being subtle vs being aggressive with women, Danny's fight with a black girl, Debo not knowing what finger-banging is, dueling Morgan Freeman impressions, when was Sting good, the possibility of exchanging Christmas gifts, how we know Morgan Freeman is guilty, and Debo tells us how Beyonce ruined his life. Join us for all this and so much more!

MBF – Episode #59 - Banana Festival.(mp3)

Monday, August 4, 2014

MBF Episode 58 -"I Wish You Would..."

Danny Richardson & Big Debo come together to put to a feud to rest, tryout a new fact checker, check in on the whereabouts of Branden Carr, talk about the importance of knowing all the rules and laws all the time, get to the bottom of Danny wanting to fight at the grocery store, delve deeper into the grossness of Morgan Freeman and Woody Allen, debate the punishment of Ray Rice, and debunk pretend stereotypes. Join us for all this and so much more!

MBF – Episode #58 - "I Wish You Would...".(mp3)