Monday, April 25, 2016

MBF Episode 146 - "Nope"

Danny and Big Debo come together to discuss Debo's bad attitude, their worst experiences with car troubles, celebrity deaths, Harriet Tubman, Bakersfield's views on transgenders in restrooms, an update and Branden's wrestling career, Apollo Crews, a possible Game of Thrones podcast, and Tasha Jones' titties! All this and so much more!

MBF – Episode #146 - "Nope".(mp3)

Monday, April 18, 2016

MBF Episode 145 - Catching Up

Danny and Big Debo come together for the first time in several weeks as they attempt to catch up with one another as well as recap the past two episodes, clear out some listener mail, discuss if Hillary is racist, talk about North Carolina's anti-gay laws, and Debo helps Danny with how he should deal with his brother. All this and so much more!

MBF – Episode #145 - Catching Up.(mp3)

Monday, April 11, 2016

MBF Episode 144 - My Black Sister

Debo and his sister come together for a special episode, as it is the first episode without Danny! On the heels of Danny and his friend sitting down to tell old stories, Debo and his sister sit down to share old stories from their childhood. I'd give you details about those stories...but I wasn't there for it and will be listening to it just as you are! Enjoy!

MBF – Episode #144 - My Black Sister.(mp3)

Monday, April 4, 2016

MBF Episode 143 - My Mexican Friend

Danny is without Debo this week so he invites his old friend Felix to stop by the studio and share a mic so that they can share stories about their days as wrestlers, ditching class in high school, former classmates that went to rehab, prison stories, high paranoia, gay stories, and broken necks! Join us for all this and so much more!

MBF – Episode #143 - My Mexican Friend.(mp3)